Sunshower Art

Sunshower Art

Ms. Sunshower Rose, the designer of the official City of Sedona logo, took up residence in Sedona, Arizona on July 4, 1987. Having received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Art, she has produced a prolific body of work – in several art arenas. Her fortes include Commercial, Caricature, Fine and Performance Art. Specializing in the Face and Figure, it was a ‘natural course of events’ to develop the concept of “Art Concerts”.

Ms. Rose chooses to work in Water Based media. These include, Watercolor paints, acrylics, gouache, air brush.

Since 2000, her work typically involves 5 -7 mediums in any given piece. These often include found objects, fabric and plants.

Starting around 2008, another evolution in her work has occurred. Ms. Rose enjoys Collaboration – with her own work and others'. The result has been named Collaborative Art WORKS!

The layering effects, whereby the 'top' layer is slightly transparent, gives way to an entirely new, third piece, based on collaboration between two CREATIVES. A "Creative" is anyone who lives and breathes - and creates stuff! As long as there is a digital image of one's work, one may collaborate with others!