Sunshine Art

Sunshine Art

Sunshine Art from the Heart.

Sunshine is a Lao artist who was born in London, United Kingdom.

Since she was a little girl she has always been artistic and takes after her father whom is also an artist.

She has a continuous passion to create and to discover new ways in which to let her ideas express itself.

Whilst living in England she had always been very active in her art at school but it wasn´t until she lived in Spain for a while that she really felt her creativity flow.

She loves to work with a variety of materials, some of these include acrylic paints, oil paints, Swarovoski crystals, 24 karat gold leaf, silks, textiles, wooden beads, tiles for mosaic art etc.

Sunshine first started painting Mandalas 8 years ago after purchasing a t-shirt at a festival she copied the design onto a canvas. She wanted to know more about what this symbol meant and found out that Mandalas are used in many cultures as a tool to get in contact with your soul. For Sunshine painting mandalas has helped her get in contact with herself and her true passion.

Her mother in law Anne Weltens (Akasha) was also a big inspiration in creating her mandalas. She has always supported her energetically and has always believed and supported Sunshine. The use of the stones and embossed lines came from her.

Depending on the size of one painting it can can take from 1 – 4 months to complete because of the vast detail and love involved.

Each painting is a journey of self growth. When she starts new pieces on a blank canvas and sees what unfolds she finds herself in a beautiful and rewarding process.
She quotes, “when I work on my art without any distractions, I am in a state of total freedom and happiness”.

She got her artist name Sunshine from her partner when they first met as this was the way she made

him feel and she hopes that this is what you feel when viewing her art work.

More artwork can be viewed here and if you have time please “like” my page.

“All paintings are made with love and it means a lot to me that you have invested your time in my creations”.

To view more of Sunshine's artwork and learn more about her visit her website: