Sun River Arts

Sun River Arts

My entire life has revolved around art or craft in some form . I have been a painter, photographer, fiber artist and jeweler. The jewelry stuck, and I have been designing and creating fine silver jewelry for about 10 years now. Being able to create one of a kind pieces that are wearable art just thrills me! I want the buyer to feel that the piece was made especially for them, which in a way it was!

My work is available online here, at Artpal, Etsy, and at I also sell through 3 Museum gift shops and 1 boutique.

If you are looking for something custom, I will work with you to bring your vision to life, or to repurpose a treasure to give it renewed wearability. I also do custom work for bridal parties, baby births, or other special events, when you want to give a truly unique gift.

Leather & Fine Silver Earrings

Fine Silver Jewelry