Ted Matzek    (Aka Sunnyboyted)

Ted Matzek (Aka Sunnyboyted)


As a photographer, conservation and the preservation of wildlife is important to me along with human history. Much of our natural, historical and sociological environments are being lost to progress. One of my objectives is to capture images of these situations whenever possible for their preservation. Traveling throughout America, I have the opportunity to capture natural and historical images from a vanishing time period. I find a freedom in photographing outdoors, wildlife and landscape locations are usually unbound from human distraction and clamor, offering solitude and quiet resolution for a healthy retrospect. I search for objects that attract my eye for their color, texture, shape and their meaning or relationship to one or another. The final image is an experience that I can share with others and it’s more than a picture to me, it is an expression of personal discovery. The beauty of our natural environment is disappearing; I am searching for new ways to find expression for their wonders.
Historical homesteads and commerce building have an appeal to me visually, I look to capture the human effort necessary for its creation, to share our predecessors labor in building a better future. The weathered texture and color of an old building reflects the character and nature of its occupants. Human history is bound within the structures we build and they are a testimony to the pioneering spirit of their predecessors and a visual history that needs to be captured. My choices are for a natural feel of the elements with an aesthetic outcome.
Currently, I have been post-processing my images to explore different styles and expressions to employ in my photographic conceptual art. With post processing, I now can go beyond the impressions of the external world and dive more into expressionism, to explore different visual concepts that I can’t get solely with the camera. Expressionism allows me to go deeper into the image with my thoughts and feeling to express more of my personality in the subject matter.

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