Sue Brassel

Sue Brassel

Who am I? I am just a soul traveling through this life and having some fun on my journey. I didn't start creating art until much later in life. In my younger years, I was too worried about raising my family and doing the "right" things. Or trying to anyway.

‚ÄčI finally figured out life is just a bunch of experiences all strung together. Some good, some not so good, and some are damned uncomfortable. I have to say, life is pretty good where I sit at this point, and I am grateful for that. I no longer worry much about what society expects of me and more about what makes me happy while doing no harm. So, I guess my creed is, "We are all connected. Show love and compassion to all. Do what makes you happy while bringing harm to no one."

Part of what makes me happy is CREATING! I love to paint, draw, and create bits and pieces. You will find evidence of that among these pages. Be prepared, I don't "do real". I just "do me"

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