Studio 721

Studio 721

Art has always been the driving force behind my actions, but music won my favor. A few years ago, I discovered painting as alternate means of expression allowing me to express emotions differently and appeal to other senses. In 2012 I left the corporate world to allow more room for painting. Although most of my early stencil work has been portraiture, I am quickly becoming addicted to large abstracts.This artist does not have a predominant style, and I mostly just paints what I feel or want to feel. I also work on commission and can help you with the purchase of paintings (with pictures of the inside of your location). Painting is for me a means of escape, expression and sharing; I like my paintings to be seen, admired & criticized. For me, art must be moving, effervescent and constantly challenging. Abstract art is in a somewhat separate class because it has, I think, the privilege of allowing me to capture an emotion at some point (like a photograph) and often retains a mysterious side.



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