Stubborn Poem

Stubborn Poem

Captian's log: 11/6/19
Check out this other platform, I've been confering with some of my customers and it's cheaper on the customer side. Thank you for your interest. Especially the person from Ireland, I see you in my analytics. If anyone is interested in an orignal painting contact me @

Update: 11/1/2019; Check out my Society6 page:
I've pursuing print-on-demand services.
I've been steadily building pieces for my woodworking endeavor. Once I'm comfortable with the amount I have I'll post it here and probably eBay.

Hi! Welcome to my gallery. I'm Stubborn Poem, Xbox chose the name for me, I found it fitting. Truth be told poetry has always escaped me even though literature courses had been my strong suit in school. I think I'm going to use this service primarily for it's Print on Demand services. Please contact me to discuss a physical painting they're all for purchase.

I come from a long line of artists, we have works of art 4 to 5 generations old. My mother and sister have always been incredibly talented in the artistic creativity. I have always struggled to find my niche. At 21 I became a Cosmetologist, I thought I found my niche. For 12 years it did, I loved it and flourished with it. Unfortunately, I had to give it up between panic attacks, carpal tunnel and dislocating joints I couldn't keep it up. The toll on my body and psyche was way too hard. I've had a few years of being a stay at home mom and wage slave. After 25 years of quietly collecting artistic knowledge, crafting skills, and hobbies, I'm trying to make the sales of art my job.

I started in the '90s as a preteen tracing anime. Soon I drew the characters by hand and used watercolor. I lost my life's collection of work in 2014 in a fire that took our home. I tried but never got back into my fan art. After picking up sewing, knitting, wood-burning I was introduced to the "Flip Cup Dirty Pour". The colors, the motion all so fun, but I wanted to create. I've been working on building landscapes with the pour painting basics.

I've played with recycled and upcycled pieces. I found some used cigar boxes. Handmade with fresh hardwoods, usually in another country. I take unwanted boxes to create functional artwork. Hand sanded and restained, epoxied and attached together these boxes presents different functionalities. They can be used in the office, the kitchen, bathroom, any workspace. I have designed cubbies with open tops.

The concept of small, rented living spaces has become the norm. Less and less of my generation can afford to buy a whole house. Rented spaces, in my experience, often come with stipulations on decorating walls. No holes, no paint, leaving us to buy the cheap plastics we can afford. I want to make affordable, functional, stylish, SUSTIANIBLE storage options.
Once I find a platform to peddle my wares I'll put a link here.

I will be constantly updating my gallery with new pieces and ideas. I would love to give any commissions a try based on my style. Contact me at the email

Functional storage art


Pour Painting Landscapes