Stuart's Art Gallery

Stuart's Art Gallery

Hello, friends. Thanks for checking out
my gallery! I'm Stuart McNair, a New Orleans
musician, poet, and visual artist.

I've lived a life largely on the road, playing music
around America and Europe, and along the way
exploring cities, parks, and wilderness. Over time,
I've built a collection of drawings, photos, and paintings.

From the Eiffel Tower to St. Peter's in Rome,
from Edinburgh Castle to the winding
streets of Amsterdam, I've carried a sketchpad
and charcoal pencils. All of my charcoal sketches
were done freehand, in the moment.
Some, like the sketch of St. Peter's, were done in
total darkness.

In the US, I've also used photography as a
way to capture some of my favorite places,
like the Appalachian Mountains, New Orleans,
Mobile, and Charleston.

This site makes it easy to order inexpensive
prints as well as framed items. You can have
things shipped to you, or to others as a gift.

Thanks again for visiting, and please
also check out my music at the website!

All the best,

New Orleans - Photography

New Orleans - Charcoal Sketches

Paris - Charcoal Sketches

Amsterdam - Charcoal Sketches

Berlin - Charcoal Sketches

Edinburgh - Charcoal Sketches

London - Charcoal Sketches

Rome - Charcoal Sketches

Florence, Italy - Charcoal Sketches

Sienna, Italy - Charcoal Sketches

Birmingham's Ruffner Mt. - Sketches


Charleston - Photography

Appalachia - Photography

Mobile, AL - Photography