Stuart Caress

Stuart Caress

I work mostly on canvas with oils with a particular emphasis on using a strong contrast of light and dark tones to help create a sense of drama within my work. I am an admirer of the works of the great masters particularly the Barbizon School.

I enjoy building upon traditional processes and themes. I work in oils and usually under an impressionistic style. I often blend abstract with traditional using gesso to prime the canvas which provides texture and extra layers to my paintings.

I travel up and down the UK coast and countryside searching for the perfect spot to paint. I like to paint what I see and prefer not to use digital aids, sometimes sitting out for hours come wind, rain or shine to achieve the desired effect.

I originally trained as a landscape architect and work within computer aided design, which has given me the patience and precision that I take too my in-depth oil compositions.

I work from a studio within my home near Sherwood Foerst, Nottinghamshire.

Please feel free to contact me if you have a special request.

Best Regards - Stuart Caress