Sensational Energy

Sensational Energy

My name is Jovy, a 21-year-old artist, and student based in beautiful SoCal. Art manifested a light into my life that I needed to pull me out of the depths of darkness. My intent is to direct my energy towards something larger than myself that will not only transform me but hopefully touch individuals that view my pieces. My focus is now to heal through my artwork. I want to visually stimulate my viewers with healing energies being transmitted through the colors and shapes I use. Sacred geometry and mandalas have been a huge part of my pieces and will continue to be my main focus. I find it to be universal and connected to each other in many ways creating a bond between itself and us beings. I believe it's easier for me to communicate what I want to say through energetic exchange between the canvas and my brush throughe these concepts. I have studied and researched as much as I can and definitely continue to do so through books, documentaries, and certain websites. So much to learn, this is an endless journey for me. I hope you enjoy my pieces, much love, and light.
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~ Stoney Sol

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