Marji Stone Photography

Marji Stone Photography

My name is Marji and I am a 79 years young photographer and author. I was born and raised in Chicago and have lived all over the country. The same year Disney opened in Florida, I moved here, that was over 40 years ago now.

I really enjoy the weather here, except for the hurricanes we occasionally have to endure. I always loved the snow and ice when I was younger and went skating and skiing. But now, just like to take my dog for a walk in the glorious sunshine.

I am not doing much photography anymore, but I am writing more now. I have three children's picture books on Kindle through Amazon. 3 are ebooks and 1 is also available in paperback. That has been a life long goal, to have a book published.

I also make goat's milk soap bars. I do sell them commercially through, but mostly I make them as gifts for friends and family. They are unique designs from all over the world. I buy the designs and them make the soap here in my home office/craft area.

My dog Sophie, an apple face Chihuahua, is my constant companion. I have had her for 4 years now. She is a rescue dog. My beloved labrador, Duchess, who was 17 years old, passed away right before I took Sophie into my life. Duchess was also a rescue dog. Duchess was only a year old when I got her from the dog pound.

It's a pleasure to be here on ArtPal and have my photos available for people to see and purchase.

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