Stojanovska Emilija

Stojanovska Emilija

Hello you there :)
I’m glad to meet you and thanks for being interested in my abstract digital artwork.

Why digital art?
It’s a digital era, isn’t it :) ?

Why abstract art?

I think it’s limitless and gives people opportunities to see an artwork from their own perspective. We all can stand in front of an abstract painting, looking at it but still have different ideas about it. Our personal life experiences, emotional state, prejudice, sense for aesthetic value govern us to the main thought. An abstract artwork boosts people's imagination making them more open-minded and flexible to changes. Combinations of colours, shapes, shades in my artworks make you feel good, relaxed and blissful when observing. They have been very cautiously chosen because each nuance of the color spectrum has specific influence on a human’s mind, his mood, motivation and intelligence. Each of my pictures has its own message that is usually conveyed by its title or the quotation associated with it.
I hope my artworks will bring light and happiness to your living or working space and enhance with courage to achieve your life goals.

Thank you again,

Enjoy my artwork