Stigma Creative

Stigma Creative

Stigma Creative began as little more than a dream.

For decades one of the founders of our budding community watched in frustration as one amazing artist after another was forced to routinely sell themselves short or worse, depend on apathetic or unscrupulous outlets to market their works. Too often this process led to their efforts being sold off for mere fractions of their true value or even outright stolen. Unfortunately, this is an all too common theme that inmates and prisoners face on a regular basis.

Something had to be done. With the help of an idealist and fellow artist on the outside, the dream slowly coalesced into reality and began taking shape.

At Stigma Creative our aim is to celebrate and make apparent the often invisible and unremarked talent concealed behind so many of the world's grey walls. We want to provide access to an undersold and woefully underrepresented market of artists, writers, and other creatives. They are not less creative, nor less talented, simply because they are in prison; nor do they not deserve a platform to display their creations.

We wish to enact positive change by establishing a reliable, pro-social environment for our clientele to buy and sell art, written works, and other handicrafts. We want to link the inside world with the out, and allow people from all walks of life to do more than just help themselves, but to give back and support society as a whole.

We are a safe, legitimate community for those who are serious about their craft and seek to offer their works to the world at large. We're small but we're strong and growing. If you or someone you know would like to be part of that community, reach out and let us know. We'd love to hear from you.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the art displayed, you will find us on Etsy, Displate, and ArtPal.