Stevie-Pieces of Peace

Stevie-Pieces of Peace

Welcome to "Stevie's Pieces of Peace", my on-line gallery at!
My name is Stephanie but to most in the photography and secular circles I am known as Stevie.
I was born a few blocks from the pacific ocean, in the critically acclaimed city of Ventura, California.
My parents instilled in me, at a very young age, the love of nature, photography, music as well as a love and respect for all beings, regardless of differences. I was taught to see the world with a hopeful, cheery, optimistic pair of eyes, believing that one day, I too, would make a difference in people's lives.
My mother was an award winning pastel artist and floral designer & instructor with the knack to make everything around her even more beautiful. My father was a draftsman engineer and welding instructor with a passion for photography and music.
While I cannot claim to have been educated in a pricey, photography facility or been under the tutelage of a world renowned artist, I do claim a gift I have been given. It is something that through my life I have honed as a skilled craftsman and one I continue to learn about. It is the ability to know what soothes and speaks my own living soul.
I enjoy photography and creative writing. I have been known to enter my works into the Ventura County Fair for over a decade, taking many ribbons through the years, including blue ones, in both photography and creative writing. I have been honored to have some of my pieces presented and sold, at the Ventura Art Walk as well as at a gallery fund raiser at the harbor, also located in Ventura, CA. I have sold pieces in various businesses in the county as well as showing privately upon request with pieces now hanging as far away as New York. I am a published writer, having written for the Ventura Star newspaper locally as a stringer. I am an award winning creative writing participant at the Ventura Fair-twice. My children's stories have now turned into a trilogy, with the third story not quite being finished yet about critters in a garden.
I am thankful for those around me, from young to not so young, that have and continue to nurture my starving artist, creative soul side. We all have those that inspire us, sometimes without them even being aware.
I thank you for spending some of your time on me and my gallery, I hope you enjoy, what I like to call my "pieces of peace" and my creative communications. It has been nice sharing a part of my world with you, you know, the heady things, the moment when one realizes "I just need to record this moment, take this shot, not just for myself, but to share, to help calm the noise in someone else's being. That certain something that will help them find a piece of peace for themselves...their happy place"! See that was my "Mary Sunshine" mindset starting to ooze out! A dear friend once told me I hold the market on the positivity mindset!
Please, continue to check back as I will update my gallery often, as I use this awesome technology to get my work out of head, off of my hard drive and into this, OUR, great big world that gets smaller and smaller by use of the internet.
I hope you enjoy your piece(s) of peace!
P.S. My work has now gone international by being viewed worldwide, due to this site! Thank you my international potential buyers for visiting and sharing with your friends!! Some of you are from places as far off as Abu-Dabi, Egypt, Japan, Sweden, Italy, Greece, Australia, Africa, Russia, Poland and India. This avocado ranch, rural-living, small town gal sure has been overwhelmed and humbled by all of the interest and for just a very small taste of what I have to offer.

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