Steeve Taylor Art

Steeve Taylor Art

I'm Steeve Taylor , native from Haiti, first black country independent for January 1st 1804,
back in the day I used to see my older brothers draw with pencil on white paper by this time I was starting draw with pencil on paper ,and by the age 5 at KINDERGATEN I remember made my first amazing draw with pencil color for this time I feel I have a good passion for the art coz is the most articulate way for me to express my passion.
All art is hand drawn by myself in Haiti as in Memphis ,I paint my dreams what I see and what I feel, by the Haitian holy spirit who bring message in my dreams and teach me way draw .
I knew from a very early age that art was going to be a strong influence in my life .
Spirituality seem make up a large part of what I create , I hope that my work touch your mind ,your heart and soul if only you deeply in my art you might see the real worth of life like I say I draw for everyone to bring happiness and satisfaction in your soul .
Purchasing a piece will help support me as aspiring artist.

Thank you for taking time and paid attention to view my and choose a suitable product .

For any information write me at :
or call me at : (901) 654-9143

Voyage dans le vent

Steeve Taylor art drawing