Steve B Robinson

Steve B Robinson

I gained an honours degree in fine art in 2008 from DeMontfort University, UK. Since then I have had a shared studio and now have my own, albeit small, studio near my home, where I have continued to experiment with art and with what I want to be saying with it. Mostly, it seems, that I just want, need, to express the inner me, my "thing", which I suppose iswhat most artists do really. I dont normally paint landscapes as they dont come from within. They dont intimate a story.

Sometimes I take a photo of a friend, such as in "REDBIRD (in a spotted dress), and alter it slightly in order to suggest something else, or maybe I liked the pose. Other times Ive taken photos of myself, such as in "AFTER THE SHOW", where I pretend that im a drag queen after the performance. Im not a drag queen, but it comes from a time when my desire to wear non bifurcated garments could only be achieved in that manner. The works in, mostly, TRUTH AND OTHER MYTHS, were achieved by first using abstract expressionism, and then seeing where figures were in the paint, or how I could insert an image I already have in my sketch book into the already interesting marks.

I work in mixed media and in plain acrylic or oil paints but also have made lino prints. For me there is no real consistency except that it does seem to be rather heavy on the expressionist range.

These days I wear a kilt or a skirt as and when I want to , which has affected my art. I am now moving towards abstraction much more than I have in the past. Its as if that story has ended and another is beginning.



Truth and Other Myths


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