Steve Ralis

Steve Ralis

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For most of my life I lived a very active lifestyle, including a demanding career in Information Technology and participation in extreme sports. In 2016 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, a neurological disease affecting the brain and spine. Things that I took for granted before like walking, reading, and even driving suddenly became very difficult. My life changed dramatically. I was no longer able to work or engage in any of my previous activities. I found myself lost in this new reality.

Art saved me. I wasn't particularly interested in the arts before my illness, but now with the help, love, and encouragement of family, friends, and mentors, I can't stop creating. It's become my life's passion. I primarily work in the digital realm, but also dabble in watercolor and acrylics. All of my artwork serves one purpose - to spread happiness and joy. My art is designed to make you think and smile.

While I'm a Philadelphia based artist, other place I've lived or visited do sneak into my artwork. My subjects are generally organic in nature, flowers, trees and landscapes, but occasionally I do portraits and architecture. I'm drawn to unique compositions that tell a story and provide a compelling finished work. I paint with bold, bright colors as you will see when viewing my gallery.

After numerous requests I have opened this store so my art can be enjoyed by everyone. A portion of each sale goes to a local animal assistance groups to help strayed and injured pets and wildlife.

If you have any questions regarding my art or wish to discuss commissions or collaboration, please email me:

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Steve Ralis
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