Pluffys portfolio

My name is Steve and I have been into photography for more years than I care to think about. It is however only in the last ten years that I have started to take my hobby more seriously and to a more professional level.

I really started to take photography seriously when I had to give up my job as a Service specialist due to ill health. I suddenly found that my hobby was a reason to get up in the morning and not just allow myself to stagnate and feel sorry for myself.

I really love landscape photography, especially when I have been able to combine it with the odd skiing holiday in the amazing scenery of the mountains of Europe as you can probably tell from my portfolio.

I have gradually started to sell more and more of my work on various sites on the internet which I find very rewarding, and not just in a monetary sense. I just love the thought that people like my work, but of course it is very nice that people like it so much that they want to spend their hard earned cash on my work.

I always take images that appeal to me. If you like my images as well then I must be doing something right, if not just keep looking throughout the site and you will find something that takes your eye.

Whether you like my images or not I would just like to say, thanks for looking. and I just hope you can find something you like on the site that you would love to hang on your walls.

Cornwall, England


Birmingham UK

The Amalfi coast

On the Mountain


The English Lake District