Steve Medina

Steve Medina

I started to work with computers in 1978 (with an Apple II) when I was a teenager.

In 1982, I started to work professionally on an IBM mainframe, as programmer, in a company called Consultas (subsidiary of Publicitas).

Later on, in 1988, I switched to another company called ElectroGraphics, who was active in the field of graphical workstations (Unix, PCs & Macs), where I started working with design programs, among which Photoshop, which allowed me to start working in digital post-production (pictures were scanned at that time).

In 2001 came the fist digital reflex cameras (Canon 30D), which allowed me to master the complete creation process, from start to finish.

At that time, I was working as consultant for Philip Morris and started to take pictures on F1 events, thanks to my contacts wihtin the main sponsor of the Ferrari team.

In 2003, I was invited for the first time on a MotoGP event, where I discovered the marvelous world of motorbike racing, with an impressive atmosphere thanks to the incredible motorbike riders and the famous umbrella girls.

One of them, a really sympathic Czech model named Julia Liptakova, convinced me to take more beauty pictures, because she liked the ones I took from her...

In 2008, I opened my own photo studio (now called Glamour Studio), dedicated to portraits & beauty shots.

In 2013, a flood devastated my photo studio and forced me to stop my business for a while... In the meantime, I started taking pictures of landscapes and to create digital artworks based on my pictures.

Now you know where my inspiration comes from ;-)

Thanks for your interest... And have a nice visit on this website.

Steve Medina

Digital Paintings - Landscapes

Motorsport Artwork - MotoGP

Motorsport Artwork - F1