Steve Keyser Photography

Steve Keyser Photography

Steve Keyser (USA, b. 1963) is a photographer based in the Seattle Washington area. He focuses (mostly) on landscape fine art photos, in both b/w and color.

Steve began his training at the University of Oregon, in the discipline of Architecture, where he received his Bachelor of Architecture. His secondary focus was in fine arts with a passion for photography. He has carried an SLR for 40 years, practicing as a professional photographer since 2009. His early training in architecture has informed his approach and visual work, which often contrasts ecology with the built environment.

As a photographer and an architect Steve searches to find beauty and meaning in the intersection of nature and man and in the ways in which each exists at the mercy of the other. Through extensive travels throughout the world he has sought to understand the cultural connections that we all have to the world around us.

Steve is passionate about engaging with others, through his art, in a dialogue around creating a more sustainable society.

Ferris Wheel


BW Landscapes


Industrial BW

Luskentyre Beach, Scotland