I am an ex-teacher, science NOT art! - living in Somerset, England. I have been painting and photographing the British landscape for over forty years and have contributed to local galleries, sold photographs to channel 4 TV, illustrated books and sold cartoons and prints.
I paint in watercolour and acrylic, sketch and cartoon in ink, use digital media and, occasionally, an airbrush.
I concentrate on landscape, taking inspiration from the beautiful countryside of Somerset and the South West of England. I have recently completed a series of paintings depicting the flooding of the Somerset Levels around Glastonbury. Strange, surreal landscapes punctuated by rows and clusters of pollarded willows, isolated trees and stranded farm buildings.
My latest paintings depict ancient bridges crossing streams, gulleys and rhynes in Somerset and Devon.

I am also busy sketching. At present my main subjects are wild birds and the Tors of Dartmoor.