Steve Brumme

Steve Brumme

My paintings reflect an attitude of unstoppability.

When I was small I had two aspirations. To become a martial artist and to be a painter. The latter was easy. I needed only to sit down in front a canvas, and practice picking up a brush, blending colors, and then practice, practice, practice.

The second task was not so easy. I had polio as a child and my legs are paralyzed. So the practice in martial arts class is learning how to give a throw, and take a fall as one who walks on two strong legs, without the use of legs. 20 years later, and I am doing well in the world of martial arts. In case you would like to know what that looks like type Steve Brumme into youtube.

My education began when I was two years of age and picked up a crayon. Whereas many people stop drawing, I didn't. When I was 13 I studied water color at the local YMCA for my summer vacation. At 15 I received an award for Best Painter at the Ohio Governors Annual Art Exhibition. I went on to complete my B.F.A. degree at Bowling Green State University with a concentration in Painting and Illustration. I apprenticed with Art Associates, an architectural rendering company. Studied Portrait Art under Harold Margolis. Studied the 18th Century Dutch Master Jan Vermeer and the 21 Century American Master, Maxfield Parish in the European time-honored tradition of painting reproduction. I have shown in major galleries in New York City. Atlanta, Georgia. Taos, New Mexico. San Francisco, California as well as many more.

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