At my special EcoArt on canvas, you as a viewer can immerse yourself in striking, idiosyncratic worlds.
First of all you can enjoy these works of art due to the interesting picture worlds, the professional execution and the filigree details.

In addition, these images open up multifaceted perspectives for anyone who wants a concept.

My artwork inspires to see the relationship to nature and to go ways to live in a healthy relationship with our wonderful world. With the currently alarming growth in climate change, the field of EcoArt is growing rapidly today.

My dynamic-looking images not only represent a stimulating aesthetic experience, but are also capable of depicting energies and forces. In this respect, these pictures are a portrait of the world in their global invisible contexts. Noteworthy is the representation of the invisible forces that make our world possible.

Their spheres of activity appear on the canvas in the form of huge swirls and spiral fields, which take along entire land masses. Duality and polarity become visible, resonance laws can be guessed at in these pictures. Everything is related. Maybe even speak of a spiritual portrait of the world?

EcoArt is a contemporary artistic movement that represents the awareness of a healthy coexistence of all living beings in the unique organism 'Planet Earth'.

"Eco" is of ancient Greek origin and means "house, settle down, home".

Accordingly, "EcoArt" is the art that refers to the fact that we use only a small living space of the universe. EcoArt works to strengthen our good relationship with nature.

EcoArt artists also collaborate with scientists, philosophers and activists on public education projects. Through the universal language of art, positive environmental awareness becomes a fascinating experience for the beholder.

My paintings are created with the highest quality oil paints and the best pigments to give you the best artistic and technical quality as a prospective or collector with an original.

My finely crafted paintings are known to audiences both in Europe and in the USA.

Fine Art - Eco Art