Stereograms of Wealth. Stereograms of Love.

Stereograms of Wealth. Stereograms of Love.

Welcome to my gallery - Stereograms of Wealth. Stereograms of Love.

My name is Mira. And I create stereograms.
Stereograms are a magical World in which you are immersed in another reality.

The stereograms of Wealth and Love are a fantastic mix of the present and other magnificent spaces.

Combining a three-dimensional reality and a colorful background - the Stereograms of Wealth were obtained. Stereograms of Love - which fulfill your Desires easily and quickly.

Stereograms become your amulet and talisman for increasing money and in a loving relationship.

Print out ... order pictures - And let Your World Love, Harmony and Wellbeing reign.

With Respect, Mira.
Gallery Stereograms of Wealth. Stereograms of Love.



Stereograms of Love contain the Energy working in a given direction, with a certain specific Purpose.

Stereograms of Love, working on a subtle plane, transform the energy of Thoughts and Desires into material realization.

Stereograms of Love radiate and spread energy into the space that is embedded in them.

The effect of the effect of the Stereogram of Love - manifests itself in a very short time.

Watching Stereograms of Love is not necessarily every day - put it on your desktop or on your workstation - in front of you.
... Houses - in the living room, in the bedroom - Stereograms of Love will work, transferring energy into space and by all means you.

Stereograms of Love restore Harmony in Life in all directions:
- health recovery;
- Restoration of Success in Business;
- Restoring relationships with people (family, work).
- HELP IN ACHIEVING the set Goals that you can not achieve for any reason.
- The effect of improving the appearance (REJUVENATION), gaining inspiration and a new interest in life, a joyful perception of the world.
Stereograms of Love - are designed to restore Harmony.
This concept includes the restoration of health, vitality, psychological state, harmonization of the surrounding World (people, events, work, life).

Stereograms of Love - created to achieve the goals set, gradually produce changes to the inner and surrounding and lead you to a given Goal.
(The goal can be both the solution of internal problems in life, health, and the fulfillment of certain tasks in the surrounding world).

Stereograms of Love fill you with Power and Energy. Radiating to you - Love, Good, Harmony, Health, Success, Prosperity, Well-being!

Stereograms of Love differ from conventional pictures in that the main, energy role is played by the hidden 3D 3D image of Stereograms.
It's the hidden 3D 3D image that works with you, while your attention is focused on viewing the 3D image.
Therefore, when viewing a 3D image, Energy is transmitted to you more in a more directional manner and acts faster.

Stereograms of Love - have a stereoscopic effect, that is, pictures suddenly "come to life" and a hidden 3D 3D image appears.
And exactly what is hidden, settles down and becomes fixed in the subconscious, and then manifests itself in reality.

When viewing the Stereogram of Love - our brain, creates for us a completely new reality! Which manifests itself in our lives very quickly.
Because 3D-objects are placed in the depth of the Stereogram of Love. As before, an empty space appears, which SYMBOLIZES THE DISTINCT OPPORTUNITIES.
Such an arrangement helps us to introduce into our subconsciousness precisely the reality that is so desirable for us.

Stereograms - remarkably train the eyes, as they help to relieve spasm and tension.
They also help to relax and nervous system!

I wish you Happiness, Health, Love ...
My best, Respectfully yours, Mira.

Gallery Stereograms of Love

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