Stephen John whelan

.as I paint I feel a fire in my heart as my paint brush moves not by my mind but by my heart soul spirit .to paint glory joy love.iam just a wee man iam just learning to paint .only been painting for a few months I have been shielded due to my health .but I remain cheery and positive, fear is not for me .I hope my painting s can encourage others to try and dream big dreams hope is the very best thing to have. Will try and post a new paintings every week.god bless take care be strong have courage in your heart . just say to yourself be cool . cheery the noo 😎 my email address is ...if you d like to commission a painting email what you'd liked painted i will then put it on artpal you can then purchase it .every painting sold will Have a letter from me detailing information about the work and some details about my life as an artist.. No like no pay 😊🙈😌🤭👍 I am learning every day just trying to get 2 a higher level. God bless you and keep Safe . prayer requests taken ... nothing asked for in return .🕊️.

What I can