Original Abstract Acrylic Paintings By S Almaguer

Original Abstract Acrylic Paintings By S Almaguer


One of a Kind - Most of my paintings are painted from my Real Life experience's - How I express sorrow, sadness and sometimes, happiness. Some of them are inspired by my children and some are just "paintings". They're NOT on canvas, but painted directly on wood or a cardboard canvas, mounted onto a thin piece of wood- They are not framed, for framing is unique to each buyer and left for them to decide. I never frame my art, and some always frame. I'm best known through my tireless efforts with the public and families in trying to help locate missing person's. Painting has given me a way to relax and release my tension, feelings, and express myself through art, the way I see and feel the things around me and in my life.

If you don't see a painting of mine which peaks your interest, but believe you'd like to have me paint something of interest to you, please feel free to ask....

The ones in the "Sold" Category, I can paint again if you desire and are willing to pay the average price I sold the original's for. Remember, no painting will ever be exactly the same, but the quality will. ALL PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE AS WELL

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