Hi, I would like to take a few moments to tell you a little about myself,
My name is Joseph, from the start, I've had a tough go in this life
I was a preemie, only two, and a half pounds at birth, with epilepsy.
which I struggled with, for nine years of my early developmental stage of life.
Learning was a difficult journey, in the beginning.

I had to develop my own, some would say an odd way of seeing this world.
This made learning a greater challenge for me, mostly to resolve the most common of everyday problems such as talking with and relating to others. Mostly verbally, which made social interaction awkward, and difficult.

Also dealing with seizures added to the pressure of making friends.
And, as the years progressed,
I being unable to keep up with my peers, I
leaned toward a more creative path, first withdrawing, and then towards the visual media. Which became far easier than verbal communications, it was far easier for me to absorb the visual than was reading, writing, and pronunciation than any of the other such learning tools were. f

So, I began doodling, and then, I eventually learned to draw, and sketch online.
This helped me to bring my craft into this strangely perceived world around me.

Jumping ahead, many years of feeling ostracized, and being different than all of my peers, I became introverted, and then melancholy, holding fast to the only real friend I had ever known in my young life,

and it would turn out to be my saving grace and the tool by which I would begin to relate to others through this radically perceived physical plane.

Although, I still have many of my quirks that I kept from my youth, and as far as the common person would perceive me still quiet odd, even today.

But I digress, flash forward to today,
I still retain many of my hard-to-shake oddities of perception.
But I have learned through the years of hard work, and perseverance, to use them to my advantage through "the creative expressions" and it is through that venue that I come to you today.

I bring you an online Gallery
Fire4Art LLC.

Having for years produced hundreds of works of art.
Placing what I have considered some of the best, into this gallery, and to that

I have built this page, With the hope of structuring supporting for this gallery, through serving you. I can offer you this gallery for your considerations to bring to the fulfillment of a long-lasting and burning desire to share my works with you, and the world! "

"to create an awakening of the mysteries of The Arts !"

* To help support our gallery,
to help sustain and present this gallery to you. and to that, the purpose I present before you today is my request for your hand in bringing more creative manifestations of The Arts into our lives.

If you could find it within your heart,
Become a Patreon so we may continue to bring you our living dream.
Thank you so very much, for your time and patronage,
Joseph G Steadman

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