Digital Artworks by Joseph Steadman

"Incredibly gifted and talented beyond reason,
Joseph Steadman is someone truly amazing, both servant, and leader, a motivated father, a loving husband, and proud grandfather, a truly blessed man."

"Truly!" " A world class Artesian!"

It was early in life, growing up in the southeastern U.S. that,
Joseph discovered his passion for unique arts. Joseph graduated with a fervent passion for the technology of the arts.

Primarily focusing early upon graphite pencil, and pen and ink portraits. It was in his senior year, he came upon a neighborhood arts and craft store, displaying local artist works, this was that rare opportunity to show his creative works to the world.

Later, as time passed he created a unique art form, combining the technologies and functionalities of digital layering and superimposition of transparent colored cells. Using these infused disciplines of digital geometry, Joseph worked in these industries obtaining, an

"A+ CompTIA Professional Certification"

As years continued he learned various technics and facets of this incredibly challenging new unique art form. He quickly discovered that the process itself was extremely intense, time consuming and mentally and physically demanding, but nothing would get in the way of his bringing froth his vision of life!

Joseph Steadman, as an artist was able to branch out, and to establish


Being challenged and inspired, by having been told early on that his dream was impossible; Joseph’s first and major accomplishments as an independent artist, was to invent and design the unique process that offers him the ability to create spiritually balanced works.

These amazingly oriented visual expressions, creates wonders of the eye through this unique media. Early memories honing his craft working tirelessly, provided him a benchmark of sorts for the blueprint of his truly artistic vision.

With intense focused and drive, and a deeply embedded passion of visionary art is now come, the inspiration that came from blazing new trails into the world of fine art, technology motivates him towards manifesting these witnessed accomplishments.

This intense process can take many hours, days, even weeks, or even months for a work to take shape, and come to life, they all began in the heart, formed by cemetery, structured each work from its genesis, step by step, layer by layer,

"Unto a uniquely artistic manifestation."
"a display of subtlety hidden revelations, through the eye of the beholder,"
"they create a truly hypnotic, and euphorically transforming experience!"

This is a process of focused discipline,
"They truly are a works of blood sweat, and tears."
"an artisan that wraps the mind around these works."
"The results, "a gallery of mind-bending expressions,
of revelation, of transforming places of peace to us all!"

"A contemporary vision of artistry bar none."

" Inspiration from heart and soul; conceives artistic works of wonder,
through the The Fibonacci! Sequence"
"Showing the depth of heart in each and every creation, formed"
"Fibonacci: a great man of renown, a great mathematician,"
"Fibonacci, the man who articulated nature!"

"The natural beauty of these works created by the God-given mind of man!
"Through the glorious creations!"
"The Fibonacci sequences are found in all living things!"

Highest Mind


Spirit Fire