Digital Artworks! Joseph Steadman
Incredibly talented and skilled beyond reason, Joseph Steadman was destined to be someone truly amazing. Both a tremendous leader and a motivated artist growing up in Florida, it was early in life that Joseph discovered his passion for contemporary art. Joseph graduated with a fervent passion in the arts, focusing primarily on graphite pencil and pen and ink productions. It was during his junior year he stumbled upon a neighborhood art store with works from local artist being displayed, this was a rare opportunity to display his creative works.

Then later he created a unique art form, by combining computer technologies and functionalities of MS Paint, and MS Movie Maker by using the infused disciplines of both. Joseph worked in parallel to those computer industries obtaining a A+ CompTIA Professional Certification, and then, over the years learned every component and facet of this incredibly challenging and unique art form. He quickly discovered that the process itself was extremely intense, time consuming and physically demanding but nothing was going to get in the way of his dreams.

Joseph Steadman eventually as an artist was able to branch out on his own and to establish FIRE4Art LLC. Being challenged and inspired, by having been told that his dream was impossible; one of Joseph’s first major accomplishments as an independent digital artist, was to invent and design a unique process that offers him the ability to combine MS Paint and MS Movie Maker functionality into amazing detailed oriented visual constructs, of wonder, through this unique medium. Early memories of honing his craft as he worked for hours on his own gallery of works of hand-draw and pen and ink providing him with a blueprint of sorts for his blossoming vision.

And with his intense drive, and deeply embedded passion as a visionary artist, combined with the inspiration that came from the idea of pioneering new trails into the world of fine art, through computer technology which motivated him toward these remarkable accomplishments. The intense digital process which can take up to 4 to 8 weeks for each contemporary work to take shape, and come to life, which began within the heart, by creating mathematical cemetery embedded within each structure, each work, at its genesis, is formed and shaped, step by step, layer by layer into its own unique manifestation.

When fine-tuned into its unique display of hidden and subtle revelations, in the refraction of colors passing through the eye of the beholder, creating a truly hypnotic, and euphoric panorama. This drawn out process of repetitive inverted layering, requires intense focus, and passion, rigid self-discipline, of blood sweat and tears, more than any other artisan could wrap their minds around. The results of which are a gallery of mind-blowing works of contemporary digital artisanship. Drawing inspirations from both his heart and his soul conceiving artistic designs are at the heart of each digital creation by Joseph G Steadman lays the theory of The Fibonacci!

A great man of renown, a great mathematician, who articulated nature. The natural beauty of these works created by the mind of the creator, though are God-made mind of man! From the glorious creations of flora, fauna, flowers, and the nautilus of a snail, the scale of a pineapple, the spiral of a sun flower. The Fibonacci sequences are found in all growth structure of every living thing.


Spirit Fire