Starfruit Sky

Starfruit Sky

Giselle Hougaard created Starfruit Sky as an apparatus to market her eclectically creative artwork. She has an inventive flair for generating unique treasures in a variety of mediums. Her published works have appeared in Zoobooks magazine and as a book cover for the novel, Being Alone. She is currently illustrating a soon-to-be published children’s book entitled, Sounds of Bedtime. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Integrated Studio Art from Brigham Young University-Idaho in 2017.
Giselle, who has been growing her hair out for 19 years, lives in Layton, Utah with her puzzle-master husband, Keith, and their monochromatic border collie, Stella. Together they spend their free time exploring new frontiers, playing boring games, watching cartoons, and hanging in their hammock on warm afternoons.



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