Shattered Spectrums Art

Shattered Spectrums Art

I am an artist currently based out of Seattle, Washington. I have been a teacher for over 10 years, teaching everything from piano, outdoor leadership, special education, English language and art education. I have a hard time calling any place “home,” considering that I’ve moved over 25 times in my life so far. Most of my life I have been manically shoving my beloved sketchbooks, canvasses and other random creations into plastic tubs and suitcases, but lately I’ve been very lucky to have the time to really reflect on my works and catalog over ten years worth of pieces. Grounding myself as an artist in Seattle I have been able to challenge myself more artistically and let go of so much negativity that had spiraled around most of my 20s. Putting emotions into your art can sometimes be the best way to express something that you never quite had words for.

I have lived in 4 countries and find that the best thing to do when traveling is to have a notebook, a few art supplies and a park surrounding me. So many times we are rushing through life, trying to get from one thing to the next that we forget to stop and take in the moment. One of my favorite travel memories was sitting on a bench in Barcelona sketching a scene. A group of elderly men and women were part of this scene and eventually became interested in what I was doing. I did not speak Catalan, they did not speak English, but this somehow did not matter. The older man who approached me started pointing to the picture, using it as our common language. We somehow made plans the next day to meet up again and I left them with a sketch of us enjoying the “passer-bys.”

The name “Shattered Spectrums” came from the idea that every time you think you have it figured out, life sends you in another direction. Life seems to be a series of transitions and constantly having to adjust your perspective, without getting swallowed up in the chaos. The only way I have found to make sense of this chaos is through creating art, writing and music.

We are constantly comparing ourselves to one another and this idea that art needs to be “perfect.” I believe everyone has something they need to express and share in a creative way and I hope you make time in your life to do just that.

Thank you for spending time visiting my site, I hope you make time for art today!

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