Purple Lily Art

Purple Lily Art


I love art! I remember walking through art museums as a child amazed at the stillness. Museums are so quiet and peaceful. It’s like stepping into another world away from all the hectic chaos and cacophony of noise that our world sometimes consists of. The silence. The openness. That alone was always breathtaking to me. Then you add the art. Piece by piece you make this journey through someone else’s mind. You see their life, their imagination, their understanding of the world, their hopes, their dreams, their fears. Walking through a museum is one of the most beautiful experiences for me. Anytime I walk out of an art museum or gallery, I feel inspired, fresh, and ready to face the world outside. Not only is this a feeling I want others to experience, I want others to experience the healing powers of creating art.
One of my biggest wishes, is that I could magically remove other’s sadness, pain, stress, and just bad feelings. I can’t do that, but I can encourage others to make a trip to that art museum or new gallery down the street. I can encourage others to work through whatever they are feeling by picking up a pencil and doodling or painting a canvas to match their mood. Art isn’t just something pretty to look at and the stories behind the art aren’t just for entertaining. Art allows us to see the world through someone else’s eyes. It allows us to express ourselves. Through art we can share our joy. We can carry each other’s pain and sadness. I hope as you follow me, you will find that piece of art that inspires you. I hope you read something that you can connect with, whether it’s a story that makes you smile or cry or stand up and say, “I can do this!” I am glad I get to share my journey through the world of art with you.