Khan's Art

Khan's Art

A 17 y/o Self-Thought Passionate Game Programmer with mediocre knowledge developing Games, Mobile Application and Desktop Application.
Started chasing passion from 2014, when first introduced to 2D Game Engine called Multimedia Fusion Developer. Taught me the basics of C programming and making games from the sketch. In September 2015, I found Unity Engine for developing 3D games. Started learning C# and Unity with limited mobile data, saving money from Tiffin and buying weekly mobile data to download some tutorial from Youtube and Google. In April 2016, I've founded Electronic Brain by making a Racing Games based on my Hometown. That project got abandoned for lack of Experience and Resources. Everything I've learned before 2017, was a struggling period of learning. Whatever I've not stopped learning, keep teaching myself every day. In the last of 2016, I got Wi-Fi connection to my home. Got my first job in February 2017.

At 2018, I moved to Software Development for some reason. And did pretty well by making 2 Windows Application,1 Educational app for Android and currently developing a Social Network. Strangely, I'm using Unity Engine for making those Softwares and Applications. Also, I made a Discord bot using C# in early Q3, 2019.

My best skill is C# Programming. Also, I code in PHP for backend. I'm also good at Media Editing and Much more. I love to mentor newcomers to the sector. Mentoring themselves from my own experiences and mistakes.

As ECA, I'm planning to automate my full house for increasing my productivity and better time management and a Personal Data Center in my house for me and my family.