SR Artist

SR Artist

I'm 26, from a small city in South of Brazil and since child I was impress by the art world and its possibilities of expressions. I have been always attempted in create by handmade like a laboratory in your room, because I trully believe that everything thas has made from hands has real feelings and a story behind it or to tell you, even if it is something bad or good, but emotions.

My studio today is in Ohio/USA since I moved here in 2016. I also do volunteer work at Lake Humane Society with the small animals because my goal is also to contribute in what I am able to, helping them to be addopted and get a better opportunity to live. For this is others many personal and spiritual reasons I am a vegetarian person.

My work is primarly oil and acrylic paintings, having flowers, Impressionism and pop culture as main references, as well patterns and illustrations. I do not like mixing different ideas and concepts in the same canva, my tendency is to separate by category and subject because I want each painting/drawing to have its own message for specific publics and situations. I appreciate organization so I start by sketching in my sketch book or making right to the canvas with or without a previos sketch in the transfer paper previously prepared with gesso or another medium so I feel confident working in a straight surface and visualizing the final piece of art and working that idea from the very beginning.

If making illustrations, I like having in hands my collection pictures whose are kept in a folder or hang in a wall followed by my Zentangles and textile patterns folder.


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