Square Moon Art

Square Moon Art


North Carolina-based artist, Amanda Duncan, creates art that has a feel all its own. Bold brushstrokes and unnatural and bright colors are combined to create artwork that is the very expression of her optimistic view of life. The subjects of her work are varied, but always inspired by travels, nature, and just about anything shiny.

Artist Statement: "Life is full of wonder ~ captivating people, vivid sunsets, stunning landscapes. An encounter with each adds a liveliness to who we are, especially if we slow down, breathe deeply, open our eyes, and embrace through all senses the beauty that is life. Only then do we feel the full vibrancy of what it is to be alive. Only then are we able to touch the sky and see in full color.

Inspired by life, I lay brush to canvas letting the lines and color flow to paint the resonating energy I feel from the subject. What is revealed is radiating beyond what is seen in the physical world. It is my passion to share this energetic world we live in with you. May you see, feel, and experience life in a new and wonderful way."