“Visionary Artist Ashley Spero creates vibrant, colorful,
bubbling, tribal, sexy, playful Art that uplifts the mind and awakens the soul.”

I believe ancient, indigenous archetypes exist within all of us; morsels from past lives, love and experiences, waiting to be unearthed and explored. This perennial, multidimensional web sprouting energies, emotions, struggles, ideas, superstitions, intuitions, plants, shapes, colors, textures and patterns, always whispering, exhaling little puffs from the hovering, all encompassing buzz of the collective consciousness. The gift and responsibility of the artist is to allow the creative spirit to speak through them and access these universal markings. To exude art and use it as a tool toward personal and planetary growth and expansion. To create tangible, visible interpretations that allude to the interconnectedness of all beings; past, present, future and all the infinite worlds between.

I hope that upon viewing my work, the viewer experiences a moment of elation, of happiness, of peace. A child-like awe, an arousal, and a reminder that the universe cradles endless layers of magic and mystery waiting to be revealed. I want to bring alive tribal dances, occult secrets, talking animals, sexual flowers, plant medicine, eternal playfulness, ancient civilizations, the beauty of being an ant, bizarre mandalas and a colorful, unique porthole into the boundlessness of beauty, creation and imagination.

Art is my meditation, painting is ceremony. I make the framed wooden boards I paint on, the initial sawing, sanding and priming giving the piece intention and allowing me to develop a relationship with the object. It’s like stretching before I sit to meditate. From here, I just paint. I begin with a vision or symbol that inspires me, but very rarely is there any concrete planning. The bubbly strips of color just start flowing out of me for hours. The sensation is exciting, orgasmic even, and I know my paintings are an extension of my soul. I can feel each surge of creativity coming down through my subconscious and flowing into the tip of my brush and I know ill never stop creating.