The speaker Cleaver

The speaker Cleaver

By the speaker for the living God Cleaver in New Zealand, 79 prophecys were sent to the government leaders around the world, written and sent before 2012 and onwards, now these things are taking place , the plagues (covid 19) , famine, destruction and more. The government leaders are at fault.
God has given only one person on this earth the power to stop and start these plagues, the messanger of the Living God, God's chosen prophet in the capture in New Zealand, against the will of the living God. God's wrath will be poured out and many plagues up to and of the time they send God's chosen speaker home and take away the calumny and do the absolve.

The prophet said, these plagues they refer to is what the government call covid19 and all the continuing of them, now the government workers in those government buildings are as equal as every one else for the plague and world wide.

Since 2012 the 98 prophecies have been sent to the government leaders around the world, so the government leaders are at fault.
Starting on page 5 and 6, written 2012 and onwards, the prophecies are symbolic of God’s chosen prophet Emanuel, that America and New Zealand have put in the capture in New Zealand.
Before 2012 it was pre prophesied of the symbolics of Emanuel, God’s chosen servant his messenger, Emanuel Stephen Cleaver.

From earlier prophecies dated

The Lord said Stephen would be falsely accused and hated . .

Date /2/2005 . . .No doubt you know the person I am and why I speak this way with all truth, carry on and be ready. . . Love God. . . they take me by force, . .