Spectre N

Spectre N


A curious adventurer at heart, Spectre seeks to explore dreams, questions, and journey's that are explored through various forms of art. Be it paintings or drawings, let us march forth to the endless possibilities and dreams that lay on the horizon and beyond. Asking questions is the purpose of us artists, who seek to sway, create, even shape humanities destinies. Or to provoke thought, bring to peace, and ease the minds of the mass's. As artists and scientists were once one, now free of constraints theory, let us challenge our logically minded friends reign in our visions and make them a possibility.

After all, there can be no answers if there are no questions asked?

Ig: @spectre_n.000

Yes, yes. banging on the front gates, I am here to crash the party and get mine.
Heading to the top, so don't hesitate to invest.