Sourial Art

Sourial Art

Maggie Sourial, born in the beautiful Egyptian city of Cairo in 1951, began her journey
as an artist at Bon Pasteur- a French Nun school- where she learned mediums such as
needle point and drawing. Her mother, who attended Italian art school Don Bosco, is one of Maggie’s creative influences.
Both talented women combine different mediums of art in their work, her mother frequently using charcoal.

In the late 70’s, Maggie packed her bags for New York City, in search of
the ‘American Dream.’ She attended St. John’s University for her Master’s in Reinsurance and Financing.
Maggie was soon living that American Dream- she had two wonderful children and a successful career.
She had worked her way up to Assistant VP of Scor Reinsurance, then moved on to be Director of Transatlantic Reinsurance.
Though Maggie had always held onto her roots, it wasn’t until her separation from her husband that she was able to
fall back in love- with art.

Maggie had a household to run and a job to maintain, but she persevered.
She focused on herself, family, traveling, and art. In the last few years, while continuing her
full time career, Maggie has finished several classes at the New York Student Art League, and
also worked under abstract artist Bassmi Milad. Maggie is ready to share her art
with the world, and she says, “if you really have a dream, and you pursue it, you can reach your dream.”


Mixed Media