Worx Of Wax -Encaustic Art

Worx Of Wax -Encaustic Art


Hi, and welcome to my Worx Of Wax !
I have always loved drawing and painting from a young age & spent countless school lunch hours in the art room sketching. A neighbour in our street was an accomplished oil painter, and as a teenager I had lessons in painting landscapes with him on a Saturday. One of my works was chosen to be part of an exhibition of student art at the Royal Academy Of Art in London. In 1978 at the age of 23, I migrated to Australia and continued pursuing art, attending various classes at night or on the week-end as I was working full-time.

2006 was a turning point when I saw someone demonstrating painting on card with these amazing, vibrant blocks of colour. They told me that the blocks were made of beeswax with pigment blended in, and were using a small craft iron to melt the colours onto the card. I was immediately smitten ! so, I bought a set of waxes and an iron, and after a couple of lessons to learn the basics, I was off and running.

In 2008 I quit my job in education to pursue my dream of becoming self-employed teaching relaxation, meditation and hypnotherapy. In between seeing clients, I created paintings with the wax, and then in 2011 I had my first solo exhibition in Faulconbridge Blue Mountains. Since then my work has been on exhibition in Paddington, Darlinghurst, The Edge Katoomba. I was also a finalist in a selection process for an exhibition about the Blue Mountains in Parliament House, Sydney. I have taken part in exhibitions at local high schools to support the community, as well as donating my artworks to charities including Cancer Research. My passion is teaching and inspiring others to be creative through my regular wax art funshops.