Ekaterina Grishakova

Ekaterina Grishakova


My name is Kate Grishakova. I am a Russian painter and poet. I paint vivid, contrasting pictures in impressionistic manner. And compose poems, which are contrast and emotional too, reflecting my boundless love for people and life.

I am a positive, communicative and open-minded person. I like to talk on various topics, especially about art, creativity and philosophy. I’m curious to know the opinion of different people about my work, so let’s get acquainted!

Here is my short biography:

I was born 21 November 1994 in the town Zhukovsky near Moscow, where I live today. I travel a lot and always search something beautiful, lively and transcendent. For me the meaning of life is life in itself, in its uniqueness and unpredictability.

I started to write poems and to paint as a child. And throughout whole my life, I cannot separate these two talents, and choose one. When inspiration comes, the pictures are created and poems are written.

An artist Vladimir Potapov had particular influence on my work. I was studying at school, when I came to the art studio under his guidance. Since that Vladimir Nikolaevich became for me a spiritual guide, allowing to create in my own way and develop an individual style.