Kate Grishakova

Kate Grishakova


My name is Kate Grishakova. I am a Russian-Slovak artist. I create vivid, bright
paintings in impressionistic manner. Also I compose poems, which are contrast and
emotional too, reflecting my boundless love for people and life.

I was born 21 November 1994 in town Zhukovsky near Moscow. I travel a lot and I
always search something beautiful, lively and transcendent. For me the meaning of life is life itself, in its uniqueness and unpredictability.
I started to paint and to write poems as a child. And throughout whole my life I cannot
separate these two talents and choose something one. When inspiration comes, pictures are created and poems are written.

I studied painting in Art Studio in Russia for 8 years till I have come to Bratislava.
I graduated mathematical school with a gold medal in 2012, then Plekhanov Russian
University of Economics with honour in 2016. I made my diploma thesis on the topic
«Project of Art School Gallery in Bratislava».

I came to Bratislava in 2015 as an exchange student and found tremendous inspiration
here, so I decided to finish my Master's degree in The University of Economics. Bratislava became a place where my hundreds roads came together.

Now I work as freelance artist and teach people how to paint in Bratislava.

• Personal exhibition in “Kerametal” Office Gallery, Bratislava, 2019
• Personal exhibition in Business Club “Penati”, Bratislava, 2018
• International Fest of Modern Art "Atelier", Prague, 2018
• Personal exhibition in “Michalsky Dvor” Gallery, Bratislava, 2018
• Personal exhibition in Russian Centre of Science and Culture in Bratislava, 2018
• Personal exhibition in CT Gallery, Bratislava, 2017
• Personal exhibition in Art salon “Leonardo”, Moscow region, 2016
• Personal exhibition in Museum of Malahovka, Moscow region, 2016
• Personal exhibition in Literature association “Chosen by muses”, Moscow, 2013
• Personal exhibition in Russian University of Economics, Moscow, 2012
• Participation in many collective exhibitions in Moscow and Bratislava
• Prizewinner of Student Festival of Arts “Festos” 2013


• Five poem books
• My poems are published in several books
• Prizewinner of many poetic competitions
• Nomination for “Poet of year” 2011, 2012, 2013, 2016, 2017 and “My Rus” 2017, 2018
• Laureate of Gromov Stipendium 2010
• Winner of competition “Chosen by muses” in Fine Art 2013
• 2 articles in Russian Science Index about Innovations in Art and Ecology

My website: soul-of-earth.com