Sheri Ann True

Sheri Ann True

I am retired and the Momma of three rescue cats. I started painting after a few years ago. I had been painting on rocks with acrylics about 5 or 6 years ago. I don't have a lot of room in my condo so my studio is half of the dining room table! I stopped painting when my father had a health crisis and I became his caregiver. He lived with us off and on the last few years of his life and painting was on my mind but I had no time to do it!
After he passed away in 2018, I started painting again.It was a way to work through my grief and it kept me occupied from missing him.
With this pandemic making it unsafe to go out, I paint often. It is relaxing and fulfilling.
I hope that people like my work enough to hang it on their walls.
it would be a privilege.

Birds on Wood 12 inch Round Trivet

Lazy Susan

Original Bird on Wood

Art on wood