Light Fire Arts

Light Fire Arts

My journey as an artist is teaching myself how to draw varies cartoon characters and many stylized shapes and forms. I would usually take a piece of paper and sometimes draw and color random things without any meaning. I am also impressed by different video game animation styles which encourages me to draw as they are and to develop a style that I think is appropriate for specific theme that I am creating. During my two years at Benedict College I have received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Art with no concentration in 2016.

Artist Statement

As an artist, I am inspired by one’s ability, through painting and drawing, to imagine and create a lived experience that connects us to the beauty found in everyday life. I particularly like the synergy between art and spirituality.
My work consists of mixing colors that transitions in naïve values and textures from one side of my paintings to the other. For me, these transitions in my paintings represent the isolating of everyday people who through circumstances like those who are hopeless, homeless and neglected and as a result separates him or herself from the rest of the world.

2013- BC Art Scholarship at (Benedict College)

2014- 2nd Place Art Award 2013- BC Art Scholarship at Benedict College