Sonja Osiecki

Sonja Osiecki

Welcome! From an early age I enjoyed drawing and artistic past-times. For most of the past decade I have been exploring my passion for artful expression through drawing and painting using a variety of mediums, the latest being digital art. Being South African, with around 300 days of sunshine annually, offers unique traveling and photographing opportunities. I love working with color and hope visitors to this site find much enjoyment in the images. Latest original art for sale can be found at

I graduated with a Bachelor degree in Business and Informatics, however I am a self-taught artist and believe that any person, given enough passion and motivation and willingness to work at something, can reach his/her goals. Sketching and painting are my passion and pleasure. Lately I have taken to painting and sketching art with a stylus onto a touch screen. This is a surprisingly satisfying (and very forgiving) medium.

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