Soňa Krajčovičová

Female figures, soft feminin curves, harmony of colours and shapes in contrast to geometry. Reality drawn into the world of dreams, thoughts and imagination. Searching for ideal colours, expecting them to represent peace, harmony and balance.
My inspiration comes from everyday life, everyday woman with her day-to-day responsibilities in family, work and different relationships, in a world strictly organised, where she has little time to contemplate her own desires. My paintings represent an escape from her world to that colourful one.

I´m self-taught artist. During last 6 years I have attended different art courses led by professional art teachers. I live and work in Slovakia.
Individual exhibitions: in 2016 , 2018 and participating in Open Studio Day 2018 Bratislava region, Slovakia.
2019 – opening my own Atelier SKG and running art courses for kids

My works can be seen on Instagram ,Facebook, Pinterest as well.

I agree with ..„The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.“
Pablo Picasso.