Solot Painting

Sabina Solot (b. 1985) is known for her acrylic and ink paintings. Her creations are inspired by the fluidity of action painting while engaging in detailed vocabulary. She develops a feel of intensity over a collection of textures that alter between serene and tidal and rhythmic and measured. Sabina's paintings are composed by interlacing texture and color. The focus is in giving the mind a window to rest in. The first layer accumulates improvisation and mindfulness allowing the image to reveal itself. Building up from that comes the color scheme and the lavish narrative. And thus, through a blend of inner and outer expression each unique piece emerges.

Centro de La Artes, Queretaro, Mexico
Universidad Autonoma de Queretaro, Mexico
Bellas Artes, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
La Madriguera Grafica, Queretaro, Mexico

Sabina Solot has shown her work in Mexico and USA.
Covering the Tucson Museum of Art Art Fair
Member of the San Miguel de Allende “Pop Up Gallery Movement”
Solo exhibitions at Galeria Nudo in San Miguel de Allende
Permanent exhibition at Hotel Nena, San Miguel de Allende
Exhibitions in Phetroglyphs, Tucson AZ.