I love the etymology of the word photography « drawing with the light »
My vision in photography is to show the light in the heart of every living thing and with humility translating this message of love from nature as it is our best teacher.
I grew up in Normandy and I started to draw at the age of 11 after drawing I started watercolour painting and as the weather was not always good for outdoor activities I choose to take pictures and reproduce painting from them at home. My favourites painters are Claude Monet and William Turner, I love the light which appears through all of their work.
My focus is on Nature capturing landscapes, wildlife, all the outdoor photography as it is my best source of inspiration. I like to go hiking, to meditate and to have a healthy life.
I have spent 4 years in Australia and 3 years in New Caledonia and I have visited 20 countries as I love to travel always looking for new discovery in nature. Now I am based on the French Riviera and from this year I will be with the love of my life six month in France and six month in New Zealand.
My work has been published in many publications and books, including National Geographic. I was among the finalist in an international photo contest, my picture “Children of Tahiti” was exhibited in New York in 2008.
I have been a self-taught photographer for many years and now I have enrolled in photography courses with the Photography Institute based in London and Paris.
To me creating an image is touching the essence of harmony by showing all the beauty of this wonderful nature.
I like using my cameras as paint brush, expressing all the serenity and fragility of our precious natural environment.