Sofia Goldberg's Gallery

Sofia Goldberg's Gallery

Welcome to my art shop! I'm Sofia Goldberg more known as Sofia Metal Queen or Sofia of Ameynra company: artist-painter, bead embroidery artist, fashion designer, photo model, gothic metal bellydancer, philosopher, business owner, photographer, graphic designer, blogger, metal music collector & supporter.

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Art - Pencil drawings & monochrome

Text Art

Art - Surreal & Esoteric

Digital Art

Art - Space

Art - UFO, aliens, science fiction

Art - Patriotic

Art - Cats & animals

Art - Water

Art - Fire

Art - Landscapes & seascapes

Art - Girls, women, dancers

Art - Flowers

Bead Embroidery

Photos - Sofia Metal Queen

Sarah Goldberg - Super Long Hair

Cosplay costumes

Photos - Ameynra belly dance

Photos - Ameynra fashion

Photos - Ameynra skirts

Photos - Flowers, nature

Photos - Cars, Harleys, ships

Photos - Cats & animals

Magic & Occultism Gallery