Nataliya Samoylova

Nataliya Samoylova

My name is Natalya.
I have been drawing my whole life, and at the same time I have not had a chance to seriously study anywhere. In fact, I have never studied painting and all that I can do is my observations and achievements.
Absolutely self-taught.
In recent years, the passion for drawing has overcome everything and I devote a lot of time to this occupation.
I love pastels, oils and watercolors.
I want you to have a piece of my passion and positive attitude.

Никогда не обучалась искусству системно. Полностью самоучка.

Тот случай, когда таланту приходится брать за ручку, пинать в жопку и заставлять прилагать усилия и учить :)




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